As a message to all raiders. Add your characters to your accounts (Top Right > YourName > My Characters). And then poke an Officer and get them to add you as a 'Raider' rank on teh website. Raider rank will grant you access to the raider only forums, go figure... To get onto the 'Team' section, will be done by me later in the week. May improve that part of the site, not sure. 

As promised the new website is now live. Still needs a lot of work so please don't judge it, but I thought I would make it live now to make sure everyone is signed up and familiar with the website before Beta. If you havent used Enjin before, then have a look around as it has some pretty good features, including a sort of Facebook style chat system (only to be used to bully Pehmil). 

If you find an issue or have a good idea for new features I should add, let me know.


hi, can somebody send me the pictures from meetup @ lego? i dont have access to those forums any longer
[link] need 1 tank and 2-3 DPS for tonights raid
ahhh yes hello
Is it worth signing up if i am unable to make Progress times?